L&R Chemicals

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Mason Stains

Mason stains can be used to color either transparent or opaque base glazes and are generally added in amounts of 1% to 10%. Stains used in transparent glazes create a translucent or semi-translucent appearance. An opacifer such as zicopax or tin oxide can be used if an opaque color is desired. The stain and opacifier should equal 15% of the total glaze batch. Tin should be used as an opacifier only with chrome-tin pinks, vanadium yellows, and cobalt blues.

Mason stains can be mixed with water and used as “watercolors” or to achieve a majolica appearance, when applied over a white glaze. For low fire, mix 1 part stain, 1 part gerstley borate, and 1 part frit 3124, then mix with water to desired consistency. Click to enlarge/view/download pdf file.



Frits are chemicals that have been combined, melted, cooled & ground to a fine powder. All frits are fused silicate glass substances. Manufactured for use as a reliable glaze and body fluxes. Click to enlarge/view/download pdf file.


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