L&R Glazes – D Series

$27.50 and up

These glazes are for use in Raku Firing with the Raku or White Raku clay bodies. Most melt at approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Chip & Slip glaze is a thick, slip like substance with more properties of a clay than a glaze. It is applied wet and thick to a bisque fired Raku piece and fired by the Raku method as it begins to dry. After firing it is reduced in the normal Raku fashion. The Chip & Slip is then washed away. The result is a Smokey, matted often marbled look. Chip & Slip allows controlled smoking of clay body.

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We proudly offer our own line of glazes in several different series.

  • We use only the finest raw material in our glazes and they are carefully tested to eliminate any problems.
  • All are packaged and sold dry in five pounds increments with a price break at twenty five total pounds of glaze.
  • Five pounds will make approximately 1/2 – 3/4 gallon and twenty-five pounds will make approximately 3.5 – 4 gallons.
  • When mixing these and all other dry glazes always begin with less water then you think you will need and add glaze to water, not vice versa.
  • The consistency should be like heavy cream and coat your fingers when you dip them in. These glazes should be sieved before use. Apply by dipping or pouring.